Hi I'm Dee!

I'm a qualified yoga teacher, here to give you a helping hand in starting your yoga journey! Together we will transform your life through a fun, judgement-free yoga practice that will feel aligned with your busy life. I am a firm believer that you don't have to spend hours on the mat to experience the immense benefits of yoga, or to progress your practice!

In 2014, I went to a yoga class on a whim and it wasn't until the end of class that I became aware (for the first time ever) that I had been living in a relentlessly critical and chatty mind. Since then, I have experienced the endless benefits of a consistent yoga practice, it has helped me and will help you to:

  • Develop self-love & self-care
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Cultivate confidence within yourself
  • Understand your mind-body connection
  • Improve your moods and emotional regulation
  • Enhance your concentration
  • Create boundaries 
  • Say 'no' more often
  • Build trust in yourself and your intuition

And so so much more!

It's my aim to share everything that I have learnt with you. So that you can feel confident as you start or progress your yoga practice; whilst cultivating a deep sense of self-love for your mind, body and soul!


Want to know more?

Get ready for my life's story (I've warned you!)

In 2014, whilst I was studying psychology at university, I went through a very emotional and challenging situation that left me feeling lost, low and completely doubting myself. A friend suggested going to a yoga class, hoping it would help me feel better (little did I know it would change the course of my life). 

During the class I was thinking, gosh this is HARD and wondering how on earth everyone knew what they were doing! The 'Monica' in me (Friend's reference) felt like I was losing and kept thinking, no way am I going back, I'm rubbish at this. Until we got to the meditation at the end, shavasanna. As I closed my eyes, I became aware of my thoughts for the first time ever, as something separate from me. It was the moment I realised there was more to yoga than just moving between shapes. And I wanted to learn more! 

In the first year, I practiced as much as I could. But I didn't feel confident, I struggled with time and staying consistent. I tried to progress my practice through Youtube videos. When I realised that, I was spending hours each week trying to look for videos. I didn't know what I was doing and wanted guidance. That's when I came across my amazing yoga teacher, Roxanne. With her guidance, not only did I physically look and feel stronger but I also noticed that my thoughts were kinder, I gained so much self-love and self-acceptance.

After my studies, I went out into the world and worked for various corporate firms in London. Which presented a whole new set of challenges. I noticed I was putting so much pressure on myself to be a perfect corporate employee, that I began to lose my identity. I struggled to set boundaries and I started to lose my confidence. But because I had this foundation of awareness and self-love through my yoga practice, I was able to use the tools that I had learnt from my yoga journey to work through these new challenges. I would move daily, I would feel and I would listened to my desires and intuition. It helped me build incredible relationships and to communicate with confidence. I felt amazing and my mental health thrived!

Over the years, I continued to study all things yoga, self-development and psychology. I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali. And my personal practice reached a whole new level! It helped me become the healthiest, happiest and most confident version of me and I wanted everyone around me to experience it! So I felt called to share the incredible and life-changing teachings of yoga.

And here we are! I am trained in hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga, various styles of meditation and breathwork. Alongside my love of yoga, the psychologist in me is still alive and kicking! I aim to help you start and progress your yoga journey, through easy to follow, fun and empowering classes. That will not only get you moving through shapes but will help you dive deeper into self-inquiry. So that you can discover the most confident, self-loving and balanced you.