My Raw Vegan Diet Experience

Raw Vegan Diet Experience

Raw Vegan… What’s that?

Whilst veganism has grown in popularity and become widely accepted, raw veganism was something (if I am completely honest) I had never heard of until a friend mentioned it.

There are several distinct types of veganism, but it’s most widely known for abstaining from animal products, particularly when it comes to food and diet. 

Raw veganism is adopting the vegan diet plus only consuming foods that have been chopped, smashed or blended (or any other way of cutting things into smaller pieces, idk, throwing it at a wall?) and they cannot be heated beyond 40 degrees celsius. This means the diet mainly consists of uncooked fruit, vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains and legumes.

Bad news for me, no coffee or processed sugars.


What Are The Benefits and Risks?

According to Healthline there may be many advantages such as improved heart health, lower risk of diabetes, weight loss and improved digestion.

However, they have also mentioned potential risks such as a nutritional imbalance, weak muscles and bones, promoting tooth decay and a reduction in fertility.


Why Did I Decide To Try It?

Generally I practice a flexitarian diet and I avoid dairy due to lactose intolerance. I decided to try the raw vegan diet for a few reasons, one being my interest in seeing how I would feel and how it would impact my body. I also thought it would be fun to try with a few of my friends (wouldn’t have been possible without them) and also I wanted to test my willpower.


How Did I Feel?

The first few days were both easy and difficult. Easy because I had so many new recipes I was excited to try out. Difficult because I know for a fact I have a caffeine and processed sugar addiction, this caused me to have headaches for the first few days.

For the most part I felt pretty normal and often I would feel less tired and sluggish in the afternoon where I would normally feel like napping. There were occasions where I felt a little spaced out and sickly, symptoms of detox maybe? Don’t quote me on that, I’m not a nutritionist. 

Digestion wise it definitely kicked things into gear (if you get my drift), which made me feel more regular and healthy.

Weight wise I have noticed slimming down especially around my face, but interestingly enough I put on 0.6kg over the 9 days. Maybe water weight, the fruit sugars?


What I Learnt

I learnt a few things on my raw vegan diet:


  1. I have willpower and control over what I consume.

Often (before the diet) I felt like I had no control over my urges of constantly wanting to eat. Now I feel like I have complete control and I can resist my unhealthy snacking habits in the future. Please note that I do not mean snacking in general, just my unhealthy snacking habits.


  1. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables.

When I was living on my own in university, I ate a good amount of fruits and vegetables. But living with family and making larger portions have made me increase the carbs (rice, pasta, bread etc) and decrease the veg.


  1. This diet allowed me to get creative.

It’s so easy for me to get into a rut and constantly make the same meals over and over again. Over time I lost my excitement for cooking, but this brought it back for me.


  1. This diet is a commitment.

I found the diet fun to begin with and over time I ran out of recipe ideas and found it limiting. Luckily, I tried the diet during the UK COVID lockdown, otherwise I can imagine eating out would be difficult.


  1. Raw garlic, less is more than more.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later. On one occasion I used one clove thinking it wouldn’t be enough and my raw falafels came out garlic spicy.



Overall, it was a good experience and I’m glad I gave it a try. Going forward I am going to try and add more raw vegan meals into my diet because I really enjoyed the recipes.


Speaking of recipes, if you would like to see some of my meals click here.



A few weeks after the diet, I noticed that I began to binge and ate even when I wasn’t feeling hungry, especially sugar. Once I noticed this, I began to become more conscious with my eating habits. Please remember this is my personal experience and it can be different for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :).