Online Private 1:1 Classes

Perfect for private and personalised guidance, support and alignment recommendations





Are you a beginner looking for personalised guidance? 

Or perhaps you've joined a few group classes and you're looking to take your practice to the next level! My 1:1 online classes are specifically tailored to you!

Together we can...

Start your yoga journey

Personalised classes are the perfect starting point. You will learn in-depth knowledge so that you can progress quickly and gain confidence in your practice.

Check Your Alignment

Each one of us are unique in our bodily anatomy, which means one size doesn't fit all! Receive alignment recommendations based on YOUR body so you can practice safely.

Reduce Back Pain

Do you work in an office, or spend most of your time sitting? The major culprits are stress, lack of movement and stiffness. Together we can improve your spinal health through mindful strengthening and stretching sessions.

Go Deeper

Receive personalised support to find your splits, deepen your wheel pose, or take flight with inversions e.g. crow, headstands, forearm stands.

Looking for something else? 

There are so many things we can work on together! Perhaps you have a specific topic in mind like stress-busting sessions or would like a yoga accountability coach. Feel free to contact me with your requests!  



I charge a rate of £45 per hour for a one-off online private yoga session via Zoom.

Or £160 for a 4 class package (only £40 per hour).

Both prices include a 30 minute Zoom consultation. We will chat about your yoga history and goals, so that the classes can be specifically tailored to you.

Hear from other students...


I was never really into Yoga before Dee's classes. Now, I look forward to yoga every week. Dee is so clear at explaining, she is smiley, always checks in and cracks jokes during the session as well! Her teaching is empowering and genuine and I have suggested her to many of my friends. She experiments with different flows so I'm never bored and it had been incredible to learn new positions and bend every single part of my body. Lastly, Dee always offers modified positions that feel good and suit my body, she makes me feel so comfortable and I can't believe my progress! Thank you so much Dee, you're a star!


Dee has such a personable approach to yoga, and the way she speaks throughout our 1 to 1 sessions has really helped me learn and enjoy yoga. With other teacher's in the past, I have struggled with engaging in exercises and feeling a bit lost in the moment, but Dee has such a friendly and engaging way of teaching, easy to understand and always checks in with me. It has made me enjoy yoga with each and every session. I always leave feeling relaxed and better than ever! Thank you Dee.


I have absolutely LOVED Dee’s private sessions. I find they help me so much through the week. They especially kept me sane during COVID times!! Since working with Dee I can see a massive difference in my flexibility so very happy with that and definitely looking forward to my next session with her.

Begin Your Journey Today...

I am very excited to be part of your yoga journey! Whether you're ready to begin or have any questions, get in touch at [email protected].