The 5-Day REST Challenge

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Have you ever found yourself sitting on the toilet (stick with me haha) reflecting on your day and realised, it's been SO busy and you've been switched ON all day, that actually, that toilet break is the only moment you've had to rest...? (trust me, I've been there too, that's how I came up with that classy sentence)

Do you struggle to relax and switch off in the evenings...? 

Do you lay in bed wishing you could fall asleep but can't because your thoughts keep you up at night...?

If you said yes to any of those questions then this is your sign...

This challenge is for you!

Over the next 5 days you will receive a yoga/meditation/breathwork class link sent straight to your inbox. PLUS some tips to help you rest, relax and sleep like a baby!

Each class is only 6 mins a day... 

And they will melt away your busy day, so that you can feel at ease, relax deeply and fall asleep quickly

AND because it's a challenge it will help you to stay accountable and consistent.

Daily Schedule

Day 1 - Soft Spinal Flow 

Day 2 - Ocean Visualisation Meditation

Day 3 - Literally Laid Back Flow 

Day 4 - EFT Tapping Meditation

Day 5 - Double The Exhale Breathwork Class 

If you have 6 mins a day to invest in your wellbeing...