When was the last time you woke up feeling full of life after a good, restful night's sleep?


It's time to let go of your busy mind and fall asleep faster!


There’s nothing worse than restlessly lying in bed wishing tonight was the night you would finally fall asleep quickly… 


And what always makes things worse is the thoughts and the pressure you put on yourself each night... leaving you feeling absolutely miserable and exhausted

And that's exactly how you wake up feeling... 

Heavy, tired, unproductive... And it becomes more than just sleep struggles... 

It becomes work struggles, relationship struggles, physical & mental health struggles...  



What's a common sleep mistake that everyone makes?


So many people think that if they are tired enough, one day, it'll just happen! They'll just fall asleep and that'll be the end of all their problems... 

But the truth is even if you're super tired and finally fall asleep, it doesn't mean you'll wake up feeling refreshed or well rested.

Sleep hygiene is a practice.. a skill, the same as anything else! Without it you won't have energy and you'll miss out on spending time doing things that make you happy with the people you love!

What should you do instead? 

Should you just accept that this is your life now? Feeling tired day and night? Missing out on the 2.0 version of you?


You could spend years trying to find a solution, hoping something will help... 

But your life's already extremely busy...

So let me save you the hassle! But before I reveal the easiest-to-follow solution that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time…

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi I'm Dee

A yoga teacher and a psychologist with over 8 years of experience. I have worked with people from all walks of life and have helped them achieve the best sleep they’ve ever had

Did I just wake up one morning and decide that this is what I wanted to do? Actually… yes!

Because just like you, I also struggled with my sleep and I saw how it left me feeling deeply miserable and tired 

And how it affected every single area of my life!

Unfortunately for me, I had to go through a never-ending journey of scientific literature and trying countless tips, tools and techniques…

Until I found the perfect blend... Where science meets yoga! 

The 30-Day Sleep Course


A program that takes scientific and psychology-based information in the most easy-to-understand way along with the best yoga flows and meditations for the most peaceful sleep


All in the form of bite-sized modules so that you never feel overwhelmed with information and know exactly how to implement each step to get to quality deep sleep


This comprehensive 30-day sleep program starts by understanding the exact nature of sleep and goes on to explore topics such as how to fall asleep faster, how to sleep with aches and pains, why yoga matters and the most effective yoga flows and more..

The Sleep Rituals 30-Day Course...


Getting To The Point

It's important to get a better understanding of why you might be struggling with your sleep and experiencing the discomfort that comes with sleeplessness...

But expecting you to go through complex literature or hour-long lectures when you are struggling would be counterproductive…

Which is why I get to the point quickly and all the information is provided in the most easy-to-follow way…

I have broken down the course into smaller modules that never feel overwhelming…


Unwind and release tension from your mind and body with two gentle yoga flows that you can do in bed before you drift off to sleep. These flows are welcome to all levels and will help you to relax and let go of your day.


Relax, become present and feel grateful for the simple and ordinary pleasure that is having a shower/bath. I personally love to meditate in the shower, so I have created the perfect shower/bath meditation for you, letting the water caress your skin and sooth your mind and body before heading off to sleep.

As well as a shower/bath meditation you will also receive access to a bedtime body scan meditation that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.


Our breath is a powerful tool, a tool we can utilise to take our mind and body from alert, survival mode to rest and relaxation mode. During this course we will do exactly that, I will share two breathwork techniques that will help you to unwind in a matter of minutes.

MODULE #4 What The Science Says


Through thirteen informational and easy to digest classes (which are backed by research and studies), you will understand what sleep is, how to fall asleep faster, how and why you should build a sleep ritual and how to get better quality sleep so that you can wake up feeling energised.

How will this 30-day course transform your life?

A combination of modules that highlight both theoretical and practical knowledge needed for a night of blissful sleep will result in: 

Increased Energy Levels

Enhanced Brain Performance

Improved Mental Health

Strengthened Immune System 


As a result, you’ll be able to be more productive during your day whether that's at work or at home, you will wake up energised and ready to thrive each day, wake up feeling happier, and you will have the energy to nurture your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues…

Oh Wait There's More...


As well as lifetime access (so you can repeat it as many times as you want to)...

When you enroll in the Sleep Rituals Course you not only get access to all the information and guidance you need for quality deep sleep, you also get a bunch of bonuses to take your sleep transformation to the next level!


This schedule will help you get the most out of this course and keep you motivated. It takes away the need to make any decisions after a long day, so that all you have to do is click.


A daily sleep diary to keep you accountable and able to track your sleep progress. 


When you have completed your 30 day check in, you will receive your sleep data so that you can reflect and review your sleep transformation. 

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Sleep Rituals 30-Day Course, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.


The Sleep Rituals 30-Day Transformation Isn't For You, If...

Expect a quick fix

It will take time to add this knowledge to your lifestyle, changing everything overnight isn't sustainable

You just want to check out the programme and not do the work

Change requires action and consistency showing up for yourself

You're looking for a traditional (spirituality and philosophy) yoga approach

Although I believe these aspects of yoga are generally important, you won't find those in this course. This course is science/psychology-based

The Sleep Rituals 30-Day Transformation Is For You, If... 

You're fed up of sleepless nights

You want a easy-to-follow course to help you fall asleep faster

You have 10-15 minutes a day to invest in your wellbeing