Embody & Mind Studio  


There's no better time to start than right now!

Have you been thinking about trying yoga?

What's stopping you?

Before you answer, just know, yes yoga poses are powerful, but what's sweeter is the journey to the pose. Trust me when I say the journey will transform your mind and body. And starting today means 1-year-from-now-you will have grown, explored and evolved into the next (if not many next) versions of you!

You do not have to be flexible, calm, have fancy clothes or anything else! All you need is a body that can move and lunges that can breathe. 

You'll find the Embody & Mind classes will help your body naturally develop more range, flexibility and strength. Your balance will improve and you'll notice your aches and pains disappear. I will hold your hand every step of the way so that your practice progresses quickly and confidently, through feel good classes.

My physical progress over the years...

P.s. I started taking pictures a few years into my practice, sadly I didn't take pictures from when I first started practicing. I was not naturally flexible, I didn't grow up sporty or practicing gymnastics. I hope this inspires you because if I can, you can and it's never too late to start!

But wait there's more!

As you progress, you'll experience the incredible benefits that yoga has on your mind.

You will become aware of your thoughts, feelings, limits and your deepest desires. Your confidence will grow beyond anything you thought possible. You will feel confident in your body, mind and unlimited potential! You'll realise that the only thing holding you back is you, and you don't have to play small anymore. You can do anything you put your mind to!

You'll start to put yourself first and fill your own cup before sharing with others. You'll rediscover your true self by simply showing up and spending time with you.

And you'll learn to love every single part of you, your darkness, your light, your perfect imperfections. All of your unique qualities that make you, YOU. 


Who's this studio for? 

For what I like to call beginner+

If you're brand new to yoga or you've tried a few classes and would like to learn more so that you can progress your practice, this is the space for you!

The classes are easy to follow and they come with plenty of modifications so that you can tailor a pose to suit you , progress quickly and leave each class feeling confident and empowered!


For busy people with tight schedules 

I know life can get pretty busy and I also know showing your mind and body love, for even 5 mins a day can transform the way you feel! Which is why the classes are super effective and under 30 minutes. Perfect for cultivating a consistent yoga practice!


What's inside?

Monthly focus

Each month we release a monthly calendar which focuses on a theme and a pose. Expect to go from yoga newbie to a confident practitioner in no time!

We will explore challenging poses, restorative poses and everything in between. So that you rediscover your inner and outer strength.


Range of classes 

The studio includes and has a range of classes from energising, strength and balancing flows to relaxing, flexibility classes and guided meditations. 

We also break down a pose or movement each month and discuss how it fits within our monthly theme through a monthly podcast episode. Where I also leave you with happiness homework to give your life a boost of joy! 


Take A Look Inside The Studio... (audio on 🔈)


P.s. You also have the choice of practicing via browser or via app!

Wait there's more!


You will have access to any challenges and courses uploaded to the Embody & Mind Studio. 

We have lots of challenges in the works and at the moment our challenge highlight is...


7-Day Happy Back Challenge 

If you struggle with back pain, I invite you to join my 7-Day Happy Back Challenge. Where you will relieve your back pain, develop core strength, stress less and unlock your spine in under 30 minutes a day! 

This 7-day challenge will help you wave goodbye to stress, improve your posture, increase flexibility, build strength, reduce your pain and enjoy your life with a happy spine!


Each month you get unlimited access to:

✨ A Monthly Theme & Yoga Pose

✨ A Monthly Calendar (to keep you accountable)

✨ A Monthly Mindfulness Practice Podcast + Happiness Homework

✨ New Yoga Flows 4x (Pre-recorded & under 30 Mins) 

✨ A Guided Meditation (Pre-recorded & under 15 Mins)

✨ A Movement / Pose Breakdown 

As well as bonus content!

✨ Unlimited access to courses & challenges! Currently (and more in the pipeline) we have:

  • No More Back Pain Challenge (7 days)
  • Wall Yoga Challenge (3 Days)
  • 5 Minute Rest Challenge (5 Days)

This studio is for you if: 

⇢ You're a beginner looking to start a yoga practice you'll love!

⇢ You're feeling overwhelmed with life and feel burnt out

⇢ You are looking for shorter classes to fit around your schedule

⇢ You want a consistent practice

⇢ You want to feel happier

⇢ You want to progress your practice and expand your knowledge

⇢ You are ready to improve your mental health so you can feel your best and love your life!


Start embodying flexibility, strength & confidence...

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